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Fun Team Activities For The Office

In business, it’s common to get caught up in our work that we become too busy or overwhelmed. Sometimes this makes us lose sight of important components that make the business run well like teamwork, collaboration, and our ability to be creative. A great way to prevent work burnout from happening is by allowing people to step away from the deadlines, their clients, and their desk for a bit.

Encourage people to get up and collaborate with each other. Team building activities are the perfect opportunity to do so. They help to strengthen the communication between co-workers, reduce stress, and motivate people. We’ve come up with team building activities that are memorable and fun for the whole office.

In the office-

Food competition- If you’ve got a kitchen in your office, try this fun team activity. Break into groups of 4 and make something, it can be anything from cookies to salsa. Leave a few members off teams to be judges. Award the winning team with a free lunch!

Office scavenger hunt- Make a list of fun tasks to do as a group such as finding an object, take a picture of something or collect an object. Set on time limit and watch team members race to take on the challenge.

Office trivia- Come up with a list of questions from around the office based around your office and the people in it. It’s a fun game that really makes people see how much they know about the office and the people who they work with.

Volunteer together- There’s nothing better than the feeling of making an impact while giving back. There are different volunteer activities you can do within your office such as clothing and food drives, donating to a charity, or making care packages.

Outside the office-

Escape Room- Team members are stuck in a room together with a problem. The only way to escape is to solve the problems. With only a handful of clues and a time limit to escape, this challenge is sure to have team members use their problem solving and communication skills.

Bowling- It’s a sport that anyone can play! It allows people to have fun and socialize at the same time.

Play a sport- Find a sport that majority of the people in the office agree on. Play that sport outside work and divide the office up into teams or find other businesses that would want to verse your business in the competition.


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