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How To Improve Your Google Ranking

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

If a person is interested in your business, most likely the first thing they will do is search the Internet. Having a strong Internet presence will allow users to find you easily and also attract users who may not have initially been searching for your site. Studies have found that most people don’t search past the third page of Google, so it’s important to get your website ranking up. You may be fooled into thinking that you need to hire an expert or a third-party, but there’s actually plenty of things you can do to improve your ranking.

Keywords: There are certain words that describe what you sell, offer and/or provide, these become known as keywords. Google does a search of words that are repeated on your website and will identify them as keywords. That’s why it’s important to make sure your site is clear and identifies exactly what it is that you provide. It’s important to use these words often but not too often or else Google will pull your ranking down even further. You can add these words onto your site organically or you can pay for certain words through Google adwords.

Correct Information: Make sure that the information you have listed on your site is correct as well as on all your other platforms. If you have the wrong information, Google might consider it to be two different entities.

Blogs: Writing blog posts can be very beneficial to your business and website ranking. Not only does it allow you to make use of those keywords but it also can make you more notable in the eyes of Google. If your posts has over 1,000 words and is unique, it will be considered more reputable. Another great thing that blog posts do for your website is that it increases the dwell time. The more time people spend on your site the more it will increase your ranking.

Back-linking: It describes the linking of things back to your website. So let’s say you were featured on an article on another site and they listed the url to your site, that’s considered back-linking. The more times your site is mentioned, the higher your ranking will be.

Share Your URL: Make sure that you include the URL to your website on your emails and social platforms. This will make it easier for more people to find your site.

Once you have completed all these tasks, see where you rank on Google. Sites like Google Search Console, Seranking, and Rankingcoach can identify where you stand in a search and compared to competitors. There can always be improvements made to your site.

how to improve your businesses website google ranking


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