• Arianna P.

How To Improve Your Site's SEO

Did you know that most people don’t search beyond the third page of Google?

If your website ranking is not high enough, you could be missing a ton of potential customers. That’s why it’s so important that your business’ website is accessible, easy to find, and works properly. When all these factors align, the stronger your search engine optimization will be aka the higher your ranking will be.

Often times businesses underestimate the power of search engine optimization and/or they feel they don’t have the resources to improve it themselves. We’ve come up with a list of organic ways that you can increase your search engine optimization:

Keywords: If you’re not familiar with what a keyword is, they are certain words that are important in describing what you sell, offer and/or provide. These words are commonly used on your site are recognized by Google robots. These robots determine how relevant they are to your business and will mark them as keywords. That’s why it’s important to make sure your site is clear and identifies exactly what it is that you provide. We suggest you feature these keywords where you can on your website such as on certain landing pages, on your blog, or product descriptions.

It’s important to use these words but you should also keep in mind that if these words are used to often, they could be marked as spam and actually bring down your ranking.

Correct Information: Make sure that the information, especially the contact information you have listed on your site is correct. If you have the wrong information, Google might consider it to be two different entities.

Verify Business: Google is responsible for more than half of the searches done online, so having a “My Business” account on Google is crucial. It allows you to create a profile for your business that makes your contact information and location readily available. It also gives you the opportunity to have customers leave reviews about your business. All these things make your business official and more trust-worthy to searchers.

Blogs: Writing blog posts can be very beneficial to your business and website ranking. Not only does it allow you to make use of those keywords, but it also can make you more notable in the eyes of Google. If your posts have over 1,000 words and is unique, it will be considered more reputable by Google.

Another great thing that blog posts can do for your website is increases dwell time. The more time people spend on your site the higher your ranking will be.

Backlinking: It describes the linking of things back to your website. So, let’s say you were featured in an article on another site and they listed the URL to your site, that’s backlinking. A way to increase backlinking is by reaching out to editors or pitching an article about your business to publishers.


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