• Arianna P.

How to Set Attainable Goals

Another year has come and gone. Did you achieve the business goals that you set for your business?

If not, don’t be discouraged. It’s nearly impossible to reach every goal you set for your business. However, if you do find yourself not being able to reach a majority of your goals, it may be because they are too difficult. When setting a goal, you want to make sure it’s not too far-fetched and is realistic. Here are some considerations, we suggest when goal planning for 2020.


When going after your goals, it’s so important to keep a healthy and positive mindset. If you allow small setbacks and failures to interrupt or stop you from reaching your goal, you’ll never achieve it. To reach a goal, you have to constantly be motivated and keep working towards it.

Be specific

Don’t rush to create a goal just to create one. When creating a goal, be very specific, Answer all the major questions like who, what, where, how, when and break each of them down. The more specific you are with the goals, the more prepared you are to achieve them.


A goal that is based on a measurement will allow you to identify if you are working successfully towards the goal. Through studies, it’s been proven that goals that are based off numbers are more likely to be accomplished.

Make them align

The goals that you implement should align with your company’s mission and vision statement. If you create goals that are not relevant or relate to keeping your business moving forward successfully then it’s not worth establishing them.

Write them down

Writing down your goals allows you to visually see them. You are more likely to achieve your goals because you’re constantly reminded of what you are working towards. You can look at the goals daily and figure out what it is that you have to do that day to get to the next step.


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