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Keeping Your Email Inbox Organized

Did you know that employees on average spend about 28% of their work week reading and sorting through emails? That’s a lot of time! It always seems that just when we delete one email, we get another. Before we know it, our inboxes are full and cluttered. We often spend a lot of time debating on what to do with the emails we receive. Depending on the email server you use, there are different ways to organize them, but overall they all have similar features. 

Keeping your inbox organized will help you stay focused and more productive. We’ve come up with some helpful ways to declutter your inbox:


If you have gmail, a great feature they offer is putting the important emails at the top of your inbox. If you go to your settings, you will see that you have the option of default, important first, unread, starred first,  and priority.

Default is the way that your emails appear now, meaning in the order that they came in. 

Important first shows the emails that Gmail thinks is important first in your inbox.

Unread sometimes it’s not easy to read all of your emails. Having the unread emails at the top will remind you to read them before they get lost in your inbox.

Starred, received an important email?  Star it so you’ll always know where it is in the folder and it will show up at the top of your inbox.  We highly recommend setting your inbox up with this so you don't have to waste time sifting through them.

Priority, Google is smart. It understands the type of emails that you interact with the most and marks them as priority.


Sorting emails into labels  is another great way sort emails because you can do it by categories. Another fun feature about labels is that you can color coordinate them. 


Want to refine your emails even more. Gmail allows you to filter your emails by subject, recipient, when it was sent, and content. You can access this by going to the search bar at the top and clicking the gray downward arrow.

Sort Through

Delegate time to deleting emails. At the end of each week, delegate 10-15 minutes and go through any old emails that you have not looked at in the past 6 months. 


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