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Making the Most of Your Business' Facebook Page

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

With over 2 million daily active users, Facebook is a social media world offering accessibility to different demographics of people within your region, or beyond, with specific interests or occupations in just a click of your mouse. Setting up a Facebook page is free and basically essential in this day and age. People interact with their favorite brands on Facebook more than any other social media platform- so don’t miss out. Read on for the best tactics to bring your brand alive on Facebook:

Facebook Business

If you’re a business make sure to be registered as one on Facebook. It will allow you to do so much more with your page, which we will discuss further on. Creating a business page is simple so don’t worry if you’re not great at social media. Here’s how to get started:

When you register for a page, it will ask you what type of business page you want to create. Then, pick the one that best fits your business wants and needs. After that, fill out information about your business, as you do this your page will be more customized.

Humanize Your Business

Your Facebook page allows you to bring your business to life. A Facebook page shares more information to your followers about your business. On your page you can interact with followers, create events, and join private groups.


The best way to grow your Facebook is by engaging with others. Create content that tells a story, has a call to action, or asks a question. This will encourage people to like/share/comment on posts. Once people are active, make sure to keep this activity up by replying/liking back to them. By doing this, you will gain a stronger understanding of who your consumers are.

Facebook Analytics

As a business owner, you know how important it is to market your business at the right time, right place, and to the right people. Sometimes especially in the beginning stages, it can be hard to see if your efforts are working. Facebook can help with this by giving you insights. Facebook Analytics, allows you to gain information on the engagement of your page, so it allows you to see which efforts were more successful than others. Facebook does this by breaking down each post into specific categories like Page Likes, Post Reach, and Engagement. When you pay attention and analyze these categories you will be able to identify which were successful. This will help you market in the future and also help to increase your ROI.

Facebook Advertisements

Another great tool for marketing is Facebook Ads because of how cost efficient they are. Facebook ads can be ran for as low as $5-$10 a day. Not only are they affordable, but they deliver results quickly. A helpful tip for making your content more successful is by creating advertisements that are eye-catching, informative, and straight-forward.

Schedule Content

On Facebook, consistency is always key. You want to provide new and exciting content to keep people engaged. With running your own business and having personal time, it can be hard to find the time to create and post content. Luckily, there are apps that can post the content when and where you want it.

Join Groups

With Facebook groups, it allows you to communicate with a specific group of individuals. This is great for marketing, because you can find a large amount of people from your target audience in one place. Groups are also beneficial for networking because it provides a more intimate way to connect and have a discussion.

Make Your Page Known

Encourage others to like your page by putting the link or social sharing icons on your website, social media platforms, bottom of an email, and business card.

Run Contests

Sometimes it can be hard to get people to engage without an incentive. A great way to get people active is by holding a contest. Not only will it will allow you interact with a larger group of people but it’s a great way to gain exposure. Host a contest where people must like/follow or tag others in your content posts. There are plenty of sites that allow you to do this with ease and gives everyone a fair chance to win.

Add Administrators

If you feel like managing your Facebook may take too much time, you can always add an admin to help manage your account. Keeping your Facebook consistent and updated is important for engagement and increasing your amount of followers. The more consistent your content is the greater your engagement will be. Just make sure to not over post and clog your followers feeds.

Live Stories

Facebook bought Instagram so it’s no surprise that Facebook has live stories too. They have grown in popularity because it allows people to see what goes on in real time.

Share Related Content

Your Facebook page offers the ability to be informative about more than just your business. Sharing relevant content, gives your followers fresh information on things that they may also be interested in besides your business.


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