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Marketing Towards Millennials

If you were born between the early 1980’s and the mid 2000’s, you’re a millennial. Millennials are the largest generation in the United States, accounting for over 87 million of the population. These individuals are known for being more open-minded, strong-willed, and are quickly re-shaping the economy with their shopping habits. Responsible for purchasing more than a trillion dollars in discretionary purchases, so it’s no wonder business are target marketing to millennials.


Millennials are more brand conscious than any other generation. They are careful and thoughtful regarding purchases and take into consideration whether the brand embraces similar values as their own- economically and environmentally. They are the most conscientious of generations, taking time to research how companies test products, where they’re made, if they’re chemical-free and if ingredients used are quality assured. Even if your product does do these things, the most important thing is to always be transparent, and keep information accessible to consumers. With the Internet, it is nearly impossible to lie about these things and not be exposed for them.

Giving Back

Studies show that businesses that take time to contribute to charitable causes are more successful, and are held in a higher regard than those who don’t. Take Warby-Parker for example: every time a pair of glasses is purchases, they give a pair to those in need. They also train men and women in developing countries to properly perform eye exams. Not only do their efforts have a beneficial impact on a consumers perspective, but employees are even more likely to stay at the company.


Millennials are all about communication, but they do most of their communicating online and through social media. Being able to connect personally and uniquely to customers through social media is necessary. Your business needs an active online presence to capture this generation, so get ready to be creative and unconventional with the delivery of your product advertisements and communications.

Strong Website

Your website will be the main focus of drawing in your potential customers and keeping them engaged long enough to secure a sale, or want to hire you for your services. Your website should be visually appealing, responsive and optimized for customer experience i.e. no error pages, all pictures load quickly and are clickable. The strongest websites are those where it takes customers no more than 3 clicks to get to the product they want, so it’s important for it to be well constructed, and for navigation to be clear from page to page.

Mobile friendly

Your website should be optimal for desktop and mobile. Today, most everyone- not just millennials, use their phone to view emails, find vendors and make purchases. Each time someone opens their phone browser they are exposed to some type of advertisement or brand placement. If they are interested in your product/service they will click on it. If it’s not compatible with a mobile device and takes a long time to load, they’ll leave the page, and you lose a customer. That’s why it's so important that your business has a mobile friendly website.

Influencers & User-Generated Content

Unlike generations prior, Millennials are exposed to a pethora of influences, insta-celebs and youtube channel stars found on social media. Celebrities in the traditional sense no longer hold all the power in terms of endorsements and advertising. Even the large companies like Wal-mart, Amazon, and Nike are utilizing influencers to advertise their products. These ordinary people have made careers out of being an influencer.

User-generated content refers to the posting of unpaid content made available to the public. Many Instagram users want to share their experience with a brand or product, and Instagram allows them to do so. Since user-generated content is unpaid, people will more likely trust it and give credit where it is due, so by tapping into this venue you open a door to a much more personal experience for your customers.

Avoid Hard Selling

Millennials are a generation that are deterred by direct advertising. Hard selling will drive potential buyers further away from your product, so take a more thoughtful approach. Marketing efforts that are creative, personal and making good use of social media outlets today will be far more effective.

Reviews Matter

Millennials have grown up with the rise of technology, so accessibility to answers and solutions have always been at their fingertips. If they are looking for a new product to try or place to go most of them will type it into the google search engine and pick the ones with the best reviews. Millennials are also looking further than just reviews on Google and Yelp. They are also looking at video reviews on youtube, Instagram post reviews and clicking through the brand website.


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