• Arianna P.

New Year, New Goals

The new year is an exciting time for businesses because it gives the opportunity of a fresh start, one that is sure to be filled with new opportunities and challenges. As you bring in the new year, you will also bring in changes both big and small. Each change you make will have an impact on where your company will end up in the future. We’ve made a list of changes you can initiate to help make 2019 the best year yet!

A small change to start this off with is instead of referring to them as goals, objectives, and targets refer to them as commitments. When you call them a commitment, it means that you are set on achieving them. If you consider them something you aim for you might find yourself being too flexible or not taking them seriously enough. As with a commitment it’s something that you are not willing to break.

The way you set your goals has a huge influence on whether or not they will be accomplished. If you have not been making SMART goals in the past making this change will be beneficial. SMART is the acronym for:

S-specific-A goal should be specific, the more precise the goal is the better chance you have of achieving it. If your goal is too broad, it will take a longer amount of time to achieve it due to the fact that there is no clear direction.

M-measurable-In order to see how well you are doing, you should to have something to look as a measurement. This can be anything from an increase in leads and sales to hiring more employees. It will also identify the changes that should be made to achieve those metrics.

A-attainable-It’s great to strive for goals that you may find to be challenging but setting goals that are impossible is setting yourself up for failure. When developing goals make sure that they are realistic, so that you can actually achieve them.

R-relevant-It’s understandable that your goals should be relevant to your business. If they aren’t, you’ll probably have less direction; making them more difficult to achieve.

T-timely-Each goal should have a time period by when it should be reached. Within this goal, set times for when each milestone should be met, it will allow you stay on track.

Spend more time and money on marketing. Business often underestimate marketing but it serves as both a sales and customer service tool all while promoting your brand. Make sure that your marketing efforts align with your company's goals and objectives. As for 2019, one of the efficient and effective marketing efforts is online video. If you have not already make the change and incorporate it onto your social media platforms and website.

Complete the most boring and tedious task as early as possible. The worst thing to do is to procrastinate it and have it in the back of your mind all day. Not only will it make your mood better but you will feel more productive during the day.


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