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Offline Marketing

Marketing doesn’t always mean promoting your business online. When thinking about ways to get the word out and gain more customers for your business, there are many worthwhile and high-impact ways to market offline.

Offline marketing holds a distinctiveness and organic viewership that some online marketing does not. If you’re struggling to come up with some ways to market your businesses offline, here are a few ideas that could jumpstart your efforts:

Networking Having a personal interaction with potential partners or prospective customers is far more memorable than any online correspondence. A personal interaction gives you a chance to offer more information about your products/services, and leads to a higher rate of conversion. An in-person impression is extremely valuable because you never know the future role they may have in your company. They might shape your business by becoming future investors, partners, or clients, and they may use you right away, or call you months later.

Business cards It’s smart to have business cards and even smarter to keep them on you at all times. Of course you should plan to hand them out at trade-shows and events, but they’re even more useful for casually meeting people in your daily life. It’s a low cost marketing effort that is effective. Make sure to always have a business card handy, it truly does make a difference. When designing your business cards you'll want to include the following details: name, title, email, address, number, and website and something design centric that makes your business stand out.

Newspapers While most of us discredit newspapers in this digital age, they’re not entirely invaluable. There is still a large chunk of the population that prefer print and still subscribe to their local or regional newspaper. While there are traditional newspaper print ad options, you can also release a press release, or even consider writing an article for feature.

Donating products & sponsorships Want to gain the support of your community and create a good name for your company? Give back. You can donate or sponsor local shelters, raise money for local school efforts and charities, or sponsor a kids sports team. Caring about the community in which you exist and are trying to gain business is better than straightforward marketing. Doing good provokes a positive emotion, which strengthens the relationship between a person and brand. It also helps to increase brand recognition, brand image and makes people already think positively about you before using or services or shopping at your store.

Offering discounts, promotions, or hosting private events A great way to not only gain new customers but also to retain loyal customers is to run routine promotions or throw events at your business location. Giving these incentives encourages people to come into the store, or to hear about your business other than through paid or forced advertising.


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