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Organizational Products Your Office Needs

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

Having an organized work environment has shown positive results in employee behavior, such as an increase in motivation and productivity and a decrease in work mishaps. Staying organized doesn’t have to be costly or take up a lot of time. We have complied a list of helpful organizational products all under $30. 

Desk Organizer 

Having space on your desk gives you the ability to do more and get more done. This is the perfect desk organizer for those who don’t have much draw space. With a separate section for folders and mail, even if you do have draws, you'll never have to rumble through them. The product is sturdy and easy to assemble and sold on Amazon for $22. 

Mouse Mat

This organizer has everything in one! With a mouse pad, calendar, notebook and pen and phone holder. You won't lose anything on your desk and you'll always know where and when everything is! The best thing about this is it has a transparent cover, so no coffee spills or drips will ruin your work! This mouse mat can be found on Amazon for $19.


A notepad that's perfect for those attending a networking event or summit. It's compatible and easy to carry. It keeps your notes, pens,  and business cards organized in one place.  The notepad can be found on Amazon for  $16.

Electronic Organizer 

Forget the hassle of digging to find your electronics, this organizer keeps it all in one. With a unique basket design of elastic straps it keeps everything of all different shapes and sizes

secure in one spot.  The organizer is called GRIT-IT and can be found in store or online at The Container Store.

Post-It Desk Organizer

Getting rid of a cluttered desk just got easy, thanks to Post-It. This little organizer makes everything easily accessible. It gives your notes an organized area and keeps you from losing them. Available on Amazon.


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