• Arianna P.

The 6 Kind Of Shoppers You Encounter

1. The coupon queen

With a box full of coupons, she comes into the store ready. With her head high, cart ready, she’s on a mission as she scans each aisle. Cashing out her cart full of overflowing goods and only paying one dollar is like a child waking up on Christmas morning. You know she’ll be stocked on goods for the next five years. Although you don’t want to be stuck behind her on line at the store, you envy her patience and money saving skills.

2. The perpetual returner

With or without a receipt, they’ll return any item they’ve purchased. The item could have been purchased five years ago and they would still return it. They are persuasive and convincing to store employees who let them return whatever and whenever they want. Associates have gotten to the point where they know when they come up to that register they’ve got a bag worth of things to return and will be digging to the bottom of that bag to find their old receipts.

3. The confused but eager one

They’ve got a lot of question, a lot of them. They basically have a store associate shop with them the entire time. They’ve got questions from the return policy to the lifetime warranty to the way each product is priced. They may be confused but their excitement is at an all time high.

4. The flustered mom

Four children, a husband, five nieces, and three nephews to shop for this holiday season. She’s one of those last minute shoppers.

5. The one-stop shopper (the one that cleans out your inventory)

This one thinks the holiday season is a nightmare. They’ve got brothers, sisters, grandma, and grandpa to all shop for but refuse to go anywhere else. They will find a way to do all their shopping at one time in one place. They pretty much account for most of your holiday sales by purchasing so much all at once.

6. The eternal browser

They will be browsing your store till closing and will probably end up walking out of your store empty handed. They don’t just browse the store, but each item they see. They want to see, feel, and understand everything before even putting in their cart.


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