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Traits Of Success

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos, Oprah Winfrey...you may recognize these people to be some of the most successful entrepreneurs. What you may not have realized is what it is that they have in common that made them so successful. So what is it? It’s that each of these individuals has similarities such as their personality traits and mindsets.

Positive Mindset

As an entrepreneur, there is no doubt you’ll have to take risks. These risks may not always go the way you plan and you may fail but it’s important not to let those struggles stop your progress. One of the most important things to remember is that success comes hand-in-hand with failure. The way you deal with this failure determines how successful you will become.

Embrace Shortcomings

So you’ll fail and have shortcomings, so does everyone. Don’t be embarrassed and bury these failures and mistakes. Allow them to be a learning lesson and share them with others so they too can learn. Although Steve Jobs left the legacy of Apple, there was once a time when he was terminated from his own company but later came back. He embraced that failure and returned to make Apple better than it was before.

Careful Listeners

Sure, entrepreneurs do a fair share of speaking but one of the most important traits that they have is that they’re good listeners. This doesn’t mean that they just listen but they also absorb information, ask questions, and use the voices of others in decision making.


They never stopped asking questions because they were always eager to learn more. One of the most important questions was, “what if…”. The greatest inventions came from those who continued to push boundaries and explore the unknown.

These entrepreneurs were also never afraid to admit that they didn’t know something. When they did face this, they were always curious to find out the answer and solve it.


These entrepreneurs are so passionate and devoted that they dedicated their life to their work. Oprah often spoke about how important it is to have a passion for what you do in life. If you have a true passion for it then it won’t ever really feel like work.

Team Member

Each entrepreneur didn’t just build a company completely on their own but did so with the help of a team. They understood and knew that their work could not grow to its fullest potential without the help of others. They were able to build strong teams through finding like-minded individuals. As Bill Gates said: “Teams should be able to act with the same unity of purpose and focus as a well-motivated individual.”


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