• Arianna P.

Turning Regular Customers Into Loyal Customers

Turning new customers into loyal ones is not always easy and goes beyond just the product being good. Many times, businesses focus too much attention on attracting new customers, rather than placing effort into nurturing the customers they already have. One of the biggest battles is advertising and attracting potential customers to the purchase stage, but the journey doesn’t end after they’ve submitted a payment. Keeping your attention drawn to bringing those customers back for more is a key component to success. If they’re coming back to you, then these are indications that your business is hitting a consumer need correctly. If they’re not, incentivize to find out where your business is missing the mark. Loyal customers hold a ton of power in their ability to vouch for your company and their experience with you- there is nothing more powerful than informed referrals and word-of-mouth.

Evoke an emotion, when people have a feeling or a connection towards your business or brand, they are more likely to purchase, based on that emotional relationship with your business. Think of your favorite companies- how did they grasp your attention initially? Was it a commercial that told a relatable story? Think about the world’s most influential brand: Disney. Every item they produce evokes a memory and their production associated with their name automatically ensures us that quality is a given.

Provide customer service, every business knows that this is important but what’s most important is the way a business implements it. An important way to do this is by making sure that there is open communication between your business and customers. If customers can’t find the information, they need it can cause them to become frustrated and might make them consider shopping elsewhere.

Personalization shows that you know and value the customer. People like it when businesses acknowledge them as a person as opposed to a dollar sign, viewer, or click. When executing marketing initiatives make it personal by including their names, items that they would like based on past purchases, or sending them discount codes on their birthday or special event.

Another great way to personalize their experience and keep their information stored is by giving them customer loyalty cards. It gives people an incentive to spend money with your business. This program allows you to keep track of past purchases and identify your consumers wants and needs in a more personal way.

Produce valuable content, on your business’ blog and social media platforms. When you provide engaging content it will have people interested and make them want to return.

Encourage feedback lets customers know that their opinions and feelings are being valued. Every business should make an effort to take this feedback into consideration. It will also help to pinpoint what the strengths and weakness of your company are.

Provide an incentive or free gift, sometimes it takes an incentive for someone to make a repeated purchase. Offering a free gift will make people interested and provide them with another reason to stop into your shop. Another incentive could offer is a discount code or an opportunity to save money. The great thing about these incentives is that it also gives you a second opportunity to convert them into a loyal customer and/or further develop a relationship with them.


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