• Arianna P.

Way to Make Your Website Compelling

With new websites popping up every day, the competition on the Internet is continually increasing. To make sure that your website gets seen by the right customers at the right time, it’s important that your site is appealing, engaging, and works properly. To take your site to the next level and make it really stand out, follow these suggestions:

-Customized website-Your business website should reflect the branding of your business. Use your business' colors, logos, and voice on the site. Make sure that all the images and fonts are clear and high quality. These design considerations will differentiate your business and increase brand recognition.

-Post unique content-Content that can only be found on your site, will bring people directly to your page. When creating content, make sure it’s original, conveys a clear message, and relates to your business.

-Reviews/testimonials- Customers enjoy reading reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Having these listed on your site will encourage customers to go on your site to read and do research. It will help increase your website’s dwell time.

-Innovative technology- As technology continues to advance, there are new tools that you can implement on your website to enhance the customer’s experience. Tools such as artificial intelligence, chatbots, and virtual reality can make your site exciting and personal.

-Revamp- Making sure that your website is up to date and continually changing will have customers returning to the site. Keeping them coming back to your site will increase the traffic on your site which will help in your Internet ranking.


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