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Where To Save As a Small Business Owner

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Small businesses help to drive the economy, but starting a business isn’t cheap. In the beginning stages of business, most only start out with $10,000 or less. That clearly isn’t much and often times business owners have to dip into their own pockets to cover expenses. That’s why having the ability to save money where you can help. There are plenty of discounts available for small business owners, check them out!

Allied Business Network (ABN)- The ABN offers a variety of discounts to small business owners from things such as insurance, hotels, office supplies, to even rental cars. As a business owner, you can save anywhere from 5%-85% on these services.

Verizon- Communication is key in keeping your business running smoothly, that’s why having an affordable and reliable plan is important. The “Verizon Discount Program” is great because it provides discounts and savings specifically for you, as a small business owner.

RetailMeNot- The website offers a variety of discount codes and coupons to save you money during your next shopping trip. The website has a ton of retailers giving you options to shop. Another app that also provides discounts to your business is Groupon. Apply a filter to narrow down your search and find products/services that you need discounts on the most.

Wayfair- Offers a Professional Program which has exclusive discounts for businesses. Not only do you get discounts on top brands, but it also includes offers like free and fast shipping and a dedicated customer service team.

Lowes- Helps you get projects done while cutting costs. They offer services and discounts from bulk discounts, blueprint estimates, simple purchase and delivery options, and project worksheets. These things can be helpful, especially when you need an extra hand.

Office Depot-The Office Depot Business Solution helps take care of your business needs. They provide business solutions based on your industry, save you time and money when printing and copying, and provides ways that you can give back to the community.

Newegg- Technology is essential in keeping your business moving forward but it can be expensive. Newegg has all the latest technology and cyber security at a lower cost for business owners. They even offer payment plans, IT support, and when you enroll you can earn money on your next purchase.

The amount of money you could save for your business can really add up. Never be afraid to ask a business if they offer a small business discount.


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