Partnership Referral Program

What is the Platinum Referral Program?

Platinum Rapid Funding Group is pleased to announce a new exclusive partnership program with selected businesses. We realize the value of the relationship you have built with your customers, and seek to enter into a referral partnership to benefit you both. Partner with us, and offer clients an alternative solution for their needs, while earning rewards for yourself.   

How does it work?

The partnership is free, and you may begin referring at any time. If your customer expresses a need for growth to you on a routine call, refer them to us. If they receive succeed, you earn a reward. There is no limit to how many or how often you can send referrals.

How do I start?

Sign up to officially be a

member of our referral program.


Refer your clients to us


If your referrals become our customer, you get a 


Did your referrals become clients? 

Great! Collect your rewards at the end of every month.

Receive 1% of the referral

Receive 2% of the referral pass 1+ Million

Start referring businesses to us today!

Thanks for signing up! We'll reach out to you regarding your referral relationship with us!


For any other questions please call us at 516.218.808 or email at!